1. yes?

  2. a sketch type thing

  3. transition baby, thank you for all you have done for me

  4. something to look forward to finishing

    Part I of four pieces born from the death of a retired painting

  5. slowartday:

    Natasha Hesketh

    "wet computer"
    Acrylic and oil on canvas


    Thanks slowartday!
  6. natashaheskethart:

    Natasha Hesketh

    Untitled as of yet 

    pen, ink, shellac, and oil on bristol


    just sold this piece!
    get your hands on something———
    ((check out my website: www.natashahesketh.com))

    EMAIL natasha.hesketh@yahoo.com for inquiries!

    ETSY STORE for small paintings/original prints/drawings soon to come!


  7. it’s moderately fancy

  8. some progress on some new ideas

  9. finally in a place where i can paint

  10. little happy studies 4evr